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Your report provides you instant access to all treatment options available to you. Getting your Yerbba Report is easy, you don’t have to fill any forms or submit any documents.

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Access your report in three simple steps.

Create Your Profile
Creating an account only takes 5 minutes. All you have to do is input some basic information.
Connect Medical Records
Authorize Yerbba access to your medical records directly from your healthcare providers.
Discover Your Report
After the accuracy check, your report will be available to you, revealing specific insights about your unique diagnosis and treatment options.

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How your medical records become a Yerbba Report
Medical Record Authorization
Authorize Yerbba to access your medical records directly from your health care providers.
Treatment Insights
Yerbba cross-references your medical records with the latest cancer research to automatically generate treatment options.
Accuracy Check
Our team of healthcare professionals carefully review the generated report to ensure it aligns with your unique health.
Your Personalized Report
Explore your Yerbba Report to discover personalized treatment options, tailored action items, and key insights about your diagnosis.

Your Treatment Questions,
Our Expertise

Get expert answers to your questions at any point in your journey from a medical expert. By reviewing your individual treatment plan, a Yerbba Expert will provide personalized answers that align with your options and preferences.

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Ask a Yerbba Expert
After the accuracy check, your report will be available to you, revealing specific insights about your unique diagnosis and treatment options.
Personalized Suggested Questions
Easily filter and explore suggested questions that are aligned with your treatment options and cancer traits. You also have the option to ask your own specific questions directly to a medical expert.
Save Questions for Appointments
Stay organized and be better prepared for your appointments by saving questions you want to ask.
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Understand your treatment options.
Get peace of mind.

Take control of your breast cancer treatment with a personalized Yerbba Report to get the best care possible.

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Still have questions about how it works?

How do I access my Yerbba report and how long does it take?

Once you've created an account and granted us access to your medical records, your Yerbba Report will be automatically generated. However, we conduct a thorough accuracy check, which may result in a slight delay of a few hours before you can access your report. But rest assured, once the accuracy check is complete, you can easily access your report on any device.

Why do I need to allow access to my medical records?

Yerbba cross-references your medical records with the latest cancer research to deliver a personalized report tailored to your unique needs, ensuring that all of your treatment options are based on the most up-to-date information about your diagnosis. Your information is strictly protected and confidential through HIPAA-level security and encrypted data.

Will my Yerbba Report describe which actions are most necessary to take?

With the Yerbba report, you'll gain access to a carefully curated plan that highlights the likelihood of each possible treatment option offered to you, and necessary actions to take. Also, it outlines a clear treatment sequence and indicates which treatments can be administered together.

Does the Yerbba Report consider my preexisting medical conditions and current medications?

Yes, your report takes into account your preexisting medical conditions and current medications to ensure that your treatment options align with your unique health profile.

Can the Yerbba Report assist with identifying tests that I should have?

Yes, the Yerbba Report offers information about tests and specific action items tailored to your needs. These insights align with your treatment options, ensuring you're well-informed to get the best care possible.

Can I share my report with my medical team?

Absolutely! You can easily and securely share your report with your medical team by authorizing their access to your treatment pathway. Yerbba also allows you to save questions to ask during your appointments, helping you maximize your time with your medical team.

How often can I use my Yerbba Report?

Your report offers personalized care at every stage of your diagnosis, available to you whenever you want or need it. You'll also receive real-time updates when new information is added to your report, including new test results and surgical reports.

What is a Yerbba Expert?

Yerbba Experts are highly knowledgeable individuals with medical expertise including nurses, researchers, public health professionals, and more. Their mission is to empower you with personalized and trustworthy answers that go beyond typical online searches. With their collective expertise, you can confidently navigate your treatment options in alignment with your personal preferences and unique health needs.

Will my Yerbba Report update after a lab test?

Certainly! New lab test results will be available in your report within 24 hours of their availability. This empowers you to stay well-informed about your treatment options, proactively manage your health, and receive the most accurate and personalized care possible.