We are Yerbba

We are a health tech startup based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, on a mission to make you an expert in your own health care through the development of innovative technology.

"We help patients by providing personalized information about their treatment options to make sure they get the best care possible"

Our Values

Trust, Authenticity,
and Reliability

We strive to be trusted by our users, employees, and society as a whole. We build trust by being authentic and reliable. We value authenticity over form – humans are imperfect, that includes us! We are reliable by providing accurate information and constantly improving it.


As with many online platforms, convenience is our core competitive advantage. We want to provide you with the information you need when you need it. We value your time, so we also want to make this information as easy, as intuitive, and quick to understand as possible.

Compassion and Care

Life is hard. We know it. We hope Yerbba is a source of relief and warmth to everyone. If we miss the mark, we apologize. We're only human.

Our Story

In 2016, Beltran Figueroa, Euijin Jung, and Brian Chen were classmates at the University of Michigan studying a Master of Health Informatics. A developer from Spain, a designer from South Korea, and a doctor from the US. The three quickly bonded over their love for innovative technology and interest to improve the healthcare system.

Through a mix of personal and professional experiences, the three friends had come to the conclusion that a revolution in healthcare could only be possible via patient empowerment, that is, by giving patients the necessary tools to be more in control of their care. Until Yerbba came along, health applications for patients required a great deal of work from the user to keep track of their progress and log their data manually. However, patients didn’t want to be constantly reminded of their disease or to learn complicated new procedures.

After graduating in 2018 and incorporating Anglona Corp. - the company behind Yerbba - the founders started researching how to provide reliable information to patients as conveniently as possible and decided it was best to access EHR data as input.

At the same time, Brian’s mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. The team learned how complex breast cancer treatment was, the multitude of life-impacting choices they had to make and concurred it would be a good starting point. And, like that, the idea for Yerbba was born.

2020 was an important year for Yerbba. The team obtained its first funding and built its first proof of concept with a simple application that connected to EHRs and provided basic information about treatment options. 2020 also saw the team grow in size to more than 10 people, including interns and advisors. In particular, the team was lucky to be joined by Dr. Jennifer Griggs, a famous breast medical oncologist, who brought her invaluable expertise in breast cancer and patient communication to the team.

After a lot of work, a global pandemic, and several hiccups, the team launched Yerbba to the public in 2021. Almost four years after the three friends had embarked on this road, their vision for a patient information platform had finally came true.

our team

Meet our team of creators and thinkers.

Brian Chen, M.D.

Medical Director

Jennifer Griggs, M.D.

Content Director

Ben Arteaga

Design Director

Emily Nagy

Medical Writer

Syed Arsal

Audiovisual Media Editor

Gigi Pickney

Marketing Manager

Zhizheng Huang

AI Engineer

Kathy Nguyen

Frontend Developer

Brian Flaherty

Software Advisor



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