Marketing Intern

We’re seeking a marketing intern to coordinate our online and offline campaigns!

Job Brief

We are looking for a marketing intern to coordinate our online and offline promotional campaigns. Through this internship, you will acquire valuable knowledge about SEO across different platforms, as well as general content optimization for Youtube and other media platforms. You will also become proficient in Google Analytics and general user engagement tracking. A successful candidate will have a deep interest in marketing, communications, and healthcare. This position will combine in-person work at our Ann Arbor-based office for team collaborations along with a flexible remote work schedule.


  • Conduct extensive and continuous SEO analysis to guide our efforts across different platforms, including our blog and YouTube channel
  • Coordinate the resources necessary for our various content developers
  • Track the success of each campaign through user analytics, to continuously adjust our marketing mix


  • Basic knowledge of Google Analytics and other user tracking metrics
  • Some experience with YouTube and boosting videos and messages on other social media platforms
  • A medical background is preferred, especially one related to breast cancer
  • An interest in patient access to health care information, especially breast cancer
  • An interest in how to market to the medical industry (i.e. marketing to patient vs. marketing to doctors)
  • High school diploma/GED with some related experience and/or higher education course work

Compensation and Benefits

  • $15 to $25 per hour, depending on the level of experience and commitment
  • Flexible work schedule, 10 to 20 hours per week
Paid Internship, $15/hour to $25/hour
Ann Arbor, Michigan

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