Junior Data Analyst

We’re seeking data analysts to do ETL for medical claims and other health data!

Job Brief

We are seeking tech-savvy data analysts eager to learn new ETL skills in person. You will be trained and learn our approach to ETL. You will work with data from private and public insurance organizations, such as medical claims, that needs to be converted into the new health data standard called FHIR. Because the data includes protected health information, this work is performed under a strict data protection and privacy measures to ensure HIPAA-compliance. Our training and team problem solving works best in person, therefore we are seek candidates who are located in Southeast Michigan.


  • Map insurance and clinical data to FHIR data standard
  • Data extraction, transformation, validation, and loading (commonly known as ETL)
  • Configuring remote and secure environments for data ingestion through AWS
  • Test and determine interoperability of clinical data, including appropriate data modeling, vocabularies, terminology, and other code-set standards for representing clinical data
  • Work with team to ensure quality results in the final deliverable to our clients
  • Collaborate with technical team to perform root cause analysis and complete remediation of data quality issues

Skill Requirements

  • Strong technical and problem-solving skills
  • Teamwork experience
  • Strong critical thinking skills
  • A strong desire and drive to learn quickly and finish tasks accurately
  • An understanding and ability to adhere to strict data privacy and protection measures to ensure HIPAA compliance.
  • Some level of technical know-how ideally including some mix of coding, SQL, JavaScript, AWS web services, ETL, API, Linux CLI, API query, and/or Apache NiFi
  • Knowledge and experience with healthcare/clinical data, terminologies, database administration, code-sets, HL7, HIPAA, and FHIR are highly useful and would be a major plus for any candidate


  • High school diploma/GED with 2 years of experience, or Associates’ Degree or two years of higher education with higher-level math and/or technical course work

Compensation and Benefits

  • Initially hired as contractors, at $20/hour to $25/hour, for a set duration between 2 and 4 months
  • May transition to more long-term members of the team with a higher compensation based on meeting expected milestones for work completed successfully and accurately
  • Candidates should be based in Ann Arbor and be available to dedicate 40 hours per week for this project

About FHIR

Some years ago US government mandated that all electronic medical record data be available in FHIR format for patient access. This mandate has been extended to claims and other insurance coverage data. Once complete, this will allow patients easily access and sharing of their medical claims data through API, which will have big implications for research, insurance and tech industries.

Data Analytics
Contractor – $20/hour to $25/hour
Ann Arbor, Michigan

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