Back-End Intern

We’re seeking a back-end development intern to bring the Yerbba Report to its next level!

Job Brief

Ideal candidate will be familiar with back-end product development, including database management, API security and interoperability, data manipulation, etc. Proficiency with JavaScript andNodeJS is greatly valued. Also valued is knowledge in AI tools, such as machine learning, NLP, and knowledge reasoning & representation. This position will combine in-person at our Ann Arbor-based office 2 - 3 days every week for team collaborations along with a flexible remote work schedule as a full-time employee.


  • Ensure that Yerbba’s web application runs smoothly and efficiently
  • Coordinate with our UX designer for front-end development
  • Coordinate with our Medical Director for knowledge representation

Skill Requirements

  • Database management
  • API security and interoperability
  • Data manipulation – Especially using JSON

Additional Skills of Value

  • HAPI FHIR (API), FHIR data standard, and HIPAA regulations
  • NoSQL – MongoDB
  • AI – specifically with relation to ML, NLP, and KRR

Paid Internship

  • This is a contractual internship that will include an hourly stipend between$15/hour to $25/hour depending on your demonstrated capabilities with the work.
  • We are looking for candidates that are ready to fill this position ASAP.
Software Engineering
Paid Internship, $15/hour to $25/hour
Ann Arbor, Michigan

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